Too many Americans can’t afford to and simply do not–take their medicines as prescribed. That estimate is based on information from the (American!) Centers for Disease Control). I have had patients come into my office who take their medications –in both cases, for life-threatening infectious diseases — only every other day, simply because that is all they can afford. I explained to each one individually the idea of the half-life of a drug. They only stay in your body for a certain length of time, then they leave your body in waste products.  That is why taking a drug every other day is not really effective. They both gave me almost exactly the same response — It was all they could afford, and it was probably better than nothing. Read more on Big Pharma Is Capitalism Out Of Control…


The person who walks into a psychiatrist’s office looking for help is not necessarily the patient.

Often, they are simply the family of the patient.

Sometimes, they themselves have something – possibly a disorder, but maybe just an emotional or attitude problem — that would seem somehow lesser in magnitude than the psychiatric diagnosis the person who is or should be the patient has actually got. Read more on Families Often Indicate Psychiatric Problems…


Mattel's Bald Barbie dollMattel really got it right with this one.  The “Bald and Beautiful” Barbie for young girls with cancer is a truly beautiful thing.

I would certainly not consider myself an authority on the relationship girls have to dolls.  I was never terribly excited about them.

I hated fashion dolls as they were thin.  My mother had explained to me early on that none of the women in our family were thin — so I would never be.  She tried to find me a chubbier doll, but I was not fond of clothes then.  Maybe I could have related to a doll that looked fat enough to need to shop at Lane Bryant for clothes that fit.  There was no such doll then. Read more on A Company With Heart — The Bald Barbie Story…

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While so-called “Universal Health Care” can have tremendous advantages in the primary care field, it is totally unable to deal with specialized care.  A case in point — and an all-too-common case — is cancer treatment.  Time is of the essence when dealing with cancer, as the chance of recovery and survival is best if it is caught and treated early.

This video is not an isolated case.  A very dear friend of mine could tell you a very similar story about her thyroid cancer and the frustrations of the Canadian Public Health system — but without the happy ending.

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