Hepatitis C


Too many Americans can’t afford to and simply do not–take their medicines as prescribed. That estimate is based on information from the (American!) Centers for Disease Control). I have had patients come into my office who take their medications –in both cases, for life-threatening infectious diseases — only every other day, simply because that is all they can afford. I explained to each one individually the idea of the half-life of a drug. They only stay in your body for a certain length of time, then they leave your body in waste products.  That is why taking a drug every other day is not really effective. They both gave me almost exactly the same response — It was all they could afford, and it was probably better than nothing. Read more on Big Pharma Is Capitalism Out Of Control…


When writing these essays, I know I tend to make myself sound like the world’s greatest psychiatrist and physician.  But, hey — I am writing about myself. What do you expect?

Occasionally I will admit that sometimes I get in trouble a little.  But I want to keep you reading my ramblings for a long time, so those juicy stories will be few and far between – just keep reading until you see another one.

The majority of my business now is going in to a clinical situation or private practice and telling people what they are missing and what they should be doing.  It’s a funny life because people invite me to come, they pay me, and then they fight tooth and nail to keep doing what they’ve always done.

Change is a difficult endeavor. Read more on Tattoos And Hepatitis Go Together (All Too Often)…

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