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There are many times I escort a patient back to my front desk Shouting things like “Never give up! Never surrender!”

I tell them how I was taught to say that when I was on active duty with the US Army Medical Corps.

“Think of whatever inspires you!” If a psychiatrist wonders if a patient is “untreatable,” then all we are really saying is that THAT patient is, at THAT moment, untreatable by THAT psychiatrist. Read more on The Untreatable Patient?…


When writing these essays, I know I tend to make myself sound like the world’s greatest psychiatrist and physician.  But, hey — I am writing about myself. What do you expect?

Occasionally I will admit that sometimes I get in trouble a little.  But I want to keep you reading my ramblings for a long time, so those juicy stories will be few and far between – just keep reading until you see another one.

The majority of my business now is going in to a clinical situation or private practice and telling people what they are missing and what they should be doing.  It’s a funny life because people invite me to come, they pay me, and then they fight tooth and nail to keep doing what they’ve always done.

Change is a difficult endeavor. Read more on Tattoos And Hepatitis Go Together (All Too Often)…

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