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This thing might work for some.  Proof of its working is thin, but that tends to be a chronic problem with this kind of device.  The patients studied with Cefaly had migraines not over a few times a month. My patients — who use marijuana, generally of the sativa type — have the most intense migraine headaches I have ever seen or heard of and have them on a daily basis.  This is pretty amazing, since I worked for one year in a major Midwestern university headache clinic. The major questions are what causes migraine headaches, and whether this device indeed nips them in the bud. Read more on Cefaly, the Anti-Migraine Device…

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There can be no doubt that support for same-sex marriage is gaining momentum, which is fine with me.  News abounds all over the internet, including major network type media outlets. By March or so, the issue is expected to make it to the Supreme Court.  As much as this is an issue whose time is come, it is also a “push button” issue, one sure to evoke emotional responses as people hide behind pre-structured belief systems that preclude thinking.  I mean, once people say things like “Christian” or “right,” the issue is thought through or at least parroted and no thinking is necessary.

I am not surprised that the lovely stirrer up of right wing thought, Fox News, is already getting folks stirred up for March. My job, at least in part, is to put things in context.  By this I mean human — maybe clinical medical and psychiatric, but mostly human — context.  The world is a pretty awful and foreboding place.  It is also a lonely place, where a lot of people have trouble making dyadic, or one to one, relationships. Read more on Gay Marriage? Anything Between Humans Is Good With Me…

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Men.  They really are different. They are psycho-socially different; this has provided for generations of standup comedy material about their inability to ask for directions when they are driving and lost, as well as their inability to move toward a restroom in groups. They got issues.

I learned a lot about this when studying and teaching psychotherapy.  It seems you can’t get men into psychotherapy unless they are adolescents, post-andropause, or gay. Read more on Men Aren’t What They Used To Be…


I used to say I was not a political animal.  Pharmacology has become political.  Not my fault; that’s for sure.

Marijuana has suffered a legal setback.  This has not been covered by a lot of the media.  I had a heck of a time finding it. Read more on Rescheduling of Marijuana Suffers Legal Setback…


So who is or is not going to pay for contraception under Obamacare?  And this is a religious question?

The truth of the matter is that even though the United States has promised religious freedom from the very start, they have not done a very good job, historically, of delivering on this promise. Read more on Whose Birth Control is it, Anyway?…