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“I just am not good enough to come up with a pill that works if you don’t take it.” Read more on Are You Taking Your Pills?…


I only saw pea plants growing in a field one time I can recall in a field in Northern France. Read more on Bless Your Pea-Picking Heart!…


There is something wildly inappropriate about me being traumatized when shopping for nutritional supplements in a national chain pharmacy.

I have sustained Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (luckily far from the worst cases I have seen) from my auditory trauma. Read more on Pharmacies Practicing Medicine!…


I have been putting together a new project to help victims of human trafficking.  During this effort I have made many new friends and gained some powerful allies.

One is a Christian evangelist named Meri Crouley who hosts a show on the satellite TV network The Cross TV.  Her programs are archived on YouTube.

Meri wanted me to come on her program “Now Is The Time,” but we had so much to talk about that she has actually extended me to two episodes.  The first one already aired last Thursday and is available at this website:

Now is the Time Meri Crouley 12-14-2017 – YouTube

The next one will be broadcast next Thursday and available online by Friday.
In addition, Rev. Crouley wants me back to talk in the future, so I will keep you posted when I’m scheduled to go on again.
This horrible predicament of human trafficking amounts to slavery.  Most of the victims are females forced into prostitution, but there are others (men and women) who are laborers in various trades and industries.
This is a topic I will revisit.  We need to raise the awareness of the public that this is going on in our own cities.

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Two mentally challenged individuals had been having a bit of a spat with raised voices about which of one or another alien races had been exterminated in some futuristic interplanetary war.  They had obviously been emotionally involved.  It could have been truly ugly if they had let go and started beating each other.

There were a lot of things wrong with this picture. Read more on Alien Warfare — True Or False?…

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“The whole world has ADHD.”

No, he was not a mental health practitioner speaking with us.  He was a professional fund-raiser.

His sentiment, however, was one I had heard before, in other kinds of jargon. Read more on The Whole World Has ADHD …


People come to me wanting to be medicated and thus treated for the conditions they have.  This is the nature of my profession, at least as the public presently perceives it.

They expect it to be done immediately.

“I have got to know what medications you are on first.” Read more on Medicine In The Age of Information…

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I always considered myself a naive person in many ways.

From my overprotective family, who had serious worries about my crossing the street without someone holding my hand even when pushing forty, I moved, through several exotic domiciles, into a marriage where my husband would never dream of permitting me to cross a street without holding my hand. Read more on You Think YOU Got Stress?…


You never heard of Ignaz Semmelweis?

There is a sentence about him in lots of medical books.

I first heard about him scrubbing in for surgery with the Chief of General Surgery at the Jewish Hospital of Cincinnati Ohio. Read more on Ignaz Semmelweis Saved Lives With Three Words…

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I can’t believe how many people come in to my office telling me that I don’t understand that their pains are from “getting old,” and that everyone, as they get old, has aches and pains and that is how it is. Read more on How Old Is Your Doctor?…

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