Now Is The Time


I have been putting together a new project to help victims of human trafficking.  During this effort I have made many new friends and gained some powerful allies.

One is a Christian evangelist named Meri Crouley who hosts a show on the satellite TV network The Cross TV.  Her programs are archived on YouTube.

Meri wanted me to come on her program “Now Is The Time,” but we had so much to talk about that she has actually extended me to two episodes.  The first one already aired last Thursday and is available at this website:

Now is the Time Meri Crouley 12-14-2017 – YouTube

The next one will be broadcast next Thursday and available online by Friday.
In addition, Rev. Crouley wants me back to talk in the future, so I will keep you posted when I’m scheduled to go on again.
This horrible predicament of human trafficking amounts to slavery.  Most of the victims are females forced into prostitution, but there are others (men and women) who are laborers in various trades and industries.
This is a topic I will revisit.  We need to raise the awareness of the public that this is going on in our own cities.

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