“The whole world has ADHD.”

No, he was not a mental health practitioner speaking with us.  He was a professional fund-raiser.

His sentiment, however, was one I had heard before, in other kinds of jargon. Read more on The Whole World Has ADHD …


“I think I got ADHD.” I can never say what I think when someone says this. I think, “get out of here you drug seeking idiot.”  The great majority of people who come into my office saying this are just that. Of course, I am not that blunt — at least not to their faces.  But the tragedy is that they WILL find somebody to dash off a prescription (for a price).

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I talk to a great many people in a great many areas and fields.  In California, a lot of the mental health treatment programs are having “Obamacare-it is.”

While consumers who tried to use the official website to get enrolled for insurance had their “challenges” – to put it politely – the facilities expected to treat patients are having to do some major adjustments.

If you aren’t aware (especially you, Rip Van Winkle), “Obamacare” is what people lovingly call The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA).

I use the term “Lovingly Call” in the same manner people called homeless camps during the Great Depression “Hoovervilles” – blaming President Herbert Hoover for ruining the US economy and leading to the stock market crash.  Many feel Pres. Obama has done something similar to health care. Read more on Dual Diagnosis Should Not Be A Reason To Refuse Treatment…


I thought this person should be fired from the county clinic, but most counties don’t let me do that sort of thing.  The state of California has a nice service, where I ask to see who else is prescribing this person the same abusable drugs that I am.  I try to work with people who abuse drugs, I really do.  In one sense, it is the purest of pharmacologies, in that things I usually think are parts of a physician-patient encounter, like conversation and logic, play little or no role. House said that patients lie.  House is a Vicodin (opiate) addict.  Some of my more intelligent substance abusers are House fans. The same way that “Cops” was the most watched TV show in prison, when I was a jailhouse doc.

This person, was getting weaned off amphetamines.  After a lot of  years, I am not very sure I believe in ADHD, or “Attention deficit disorder.”  We all have problems of differential maturity.  These are just people who learn to concentrate later.  They may have other skills like class clowning that are way ahead.  My book learning was ahead of my social skills for a lot of my life. Besides, most anybody brightens up when you give them amphetamines.  Not that the effect lasts very long, mind you.  Even kids who take Ritalin in a quest to do better on the Scholastic Aptitude Test seem to revert pretty quickly to their previous state of dullness. Read more on Getting Amphetamines In Other Places…