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I talk to a great many people in a great many areas and fields.  In California, a lot of the mental health treatment programs are having “Obamacare-it is.”

While consumers who tried to use the official website to get enrolled for insurance had their “challenges” – to put it politely – the facilities expected to treat patients are having to do some major adjustments.

If you aren’t aware (especially you, Rip Van Winkle), “Obamacare” is what people lovingly call The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA).

I use the term “Lovingly Call” in the same manner people called homeless camps during the Great Depression “Hoovervilles” – blaming President Herbert Hoover for ruining the US economy and leading to the stock market crash.  Many feel Pres. Obama has done something similar to health care. Read more on Dual Diagnosis Should Not Be A Reason To Refuse Treatment…


Drug company lobbyists still rule this country, even under a president who promised us something different.  I am sorry it took me so long to find out about the threats and deals made by the White House to get drug companies on board with Obama’s healthcare overhaul.  Apparently, it was released by Republicans at the end of May. Read more on Even Obama is Ruled by Drug Companies…


Wait a second here.  President Obama did not “mandate” compulsory birth control.  As the headline plainly states, this is a mandate for insurance coverage for birth control.

Nobody is going to drag a young — or older — woman kicking and screaming into a gynecologist’s office and force her to take pills or injections or put anything into another orifice.

People are complaining that the President did not consult with people like Catholic religious groups.  The Republicans especially do not like this.  This is not surprising as they do not seem to like anything President Obama does — include breathe.

The Republicans — well, their opposition is supported by the part of the nation that seems to have chosen to “stupid up” its politics –left and right, liberal and conservative, yes and no. Read more on Contraception and Birth Control…

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I’ve had it with photo opportunities — the kind of superficial and symbolic action that politicians do as election time approaches.

I’ve dealt with street-people in various clinical settings over the years, and it is great when there are resources for referring them to get food, clothing and even shelter.  The holiday season usually means cold weather no matter if you are in New York or Los Angeles, and it is even more critical for people to get shelter from the elements during the cold months.

But isn’t it the height of cynical politicking to have the President to show up at such a facility and “work?”  Even worse, to bring his wife, children, mother-in-law and the brother-in-law (an athletic coach) and his entire team? Read more on A Cynical Thanksgiving Photo Op…

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We have chosen collectively, as a society, to use the year-end holidays to mark the passage of our years.  This means that both memories and emotions seem to pour out of the heavens and clobber us all. None of us has had, to my knowledge, a Thanksgiving that looked anything like the Norman Rockwell painting of everyone sitting at the table being fed by a loving grandmother — a reality that has been soundly parodied.

Despite efforts at legislating “political correctness”, there are plenty of people who are not Christian suffering through Christmas — especially those with children who watch television and assimilate its methods. When I was very young and going to a Jewish religious school, the intensity of the group identity made it easy, even though there were several group activities my parents did not let me participate in. They were mostly the Sabbath-oriented ones, as we drove in cars and turned on lights and did other things the very Orthodox, who ran the place, did not do. It was clear even to a very young psyche, that Chanukah was a warm and light-filled time, with special games and special treats and special songs and special joys. Read more on Christmas For Religious Minorities…

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I’ve lived in a lot of places in my time — The USA, Canada and France, just to name the countries.  Massachusetts, Ohio, North Dakota, Minnesota, North Carolina, Kansas, Oklahoma, Montana and California, just to name a few of the states.

I won’t even begin to start a list of the towns and cities, as it would take me too long to just remember them — much less write them down.

And with each place I’ve lived, I eventually start thinking that it is the most corrupt place I’ve ever seen — until I move to the next place.

It’s not news any more, really.  From the White House through the Legislature and the state governors down to the mayors and city council and even the dog catchers (do places really have elections for dog catchers?) power corrupts and money flows to the corrupt politician. Read more on Political Ugliness and More About That Mosque…

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