Even Obama is Ruled by Drug Companies


Drug company lobbyists still rule this country, even under a president who promised us something different.  I am sorry it took me so long to find out about the threats and deals made by the White House to get drug companies on board with Obama’s healthcare overhaul.  Apparently, it was released by Republicans at the end of May.

This is how Americans live, die, and get treatment for their ills.  This is how health care and life and death of Americans happen.

When I encouraged people not to vote, when I told people neither candidate was capable of running a nation, this is what I meant.  Policies are negotiable.  I think both sides do this sort of thing, frequently.  I am not singling out our second term president to say he is worse than anyone else.  Only, perhaps, to say he was different, and then he was not.  Perhaps to say that this information was released by Republicans in the spirit of partisan politics.  Perhaps to say that this did not seem to bother anyone in the general public.  No discussions by the water cooler, or in hotel lobbies.  The closest I have come to hearing this one discussed is that some folks have told me that they can’t afford their prescriptions because cheaper foreign drugs are not available as they once were.  The drug companies have the deepest pockets, and the most clout.  My rage cannot be described.  This kingdom must, and will, come down, so humans may live.  The connection between the controversy and life cannot be seen here.  But prescriptions rule, as their money directs lobbyists all the way up to the president himself.  There are other things — natural substances — that may not be patentable, but can help people plenty.  This is why you may never hear of most of them.  To most people I see, marijuana is the only one the name of which they know.

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