So who is or is not going to pay for contraception under Obamacare?  And this is a religious question?

The truth of the matter is that even though the United States has promised religious freedom from the very start, they have not done a very good job, historically, of delivering on this promise. Read more on Whose Birth Control is it, Anyway?…


Wait a second here.  President Obama did not “mandate” compulsory birth control.  As the headline plainly states, this is a mandate for insurance coverage for birth control.

Nobody is going to drag a young — or older — woman kicking and screaming into a gynecologist’s office and force her to take pills or injections or put anything into another orifice.

People are complaining that the President did not consult with people like Catholic religious groups.  The Republicans especially do not like this.  This is not surprising as they do not seem to like anything President Obama does — include breathe.

The Republicans — well, their opposition is supported by the part of the nation that seems to have chosen to “stupid up” its politics –left and right, liberal and conservative, yes and no. Read more on Contraception and Birth Control…

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Sometimes, when I was taking care of patients at a community clinic – whether in Oklahoma or Kansas or Massachusetts or even California – I would get students or assistants of some sort.  Nurses, nursing students, a physician assistant, physician assistant students, students from nearby colleges who are training to be medical assistants, or sometimes some kind of doctor extender I’d never heard of or didn’t understand would be assigned to me or rotate from a pool of available helpers.

Old Woman Who Lived in a ShoeOf course, I would always like them to actually get some knowledge from me. Sometimes that was the toughest thing for me to do. They needed to both pay attention and have a few functioning neurons. Although I usually figured out a way to quiz them a bit, they usually seemed, if I ended up running into them days or weeks later, to remember me as the one who was fun and told stories and paid attention to them.

Sometimes, they do remember certain things I would consider “rituals.”  One of my best known rituals is “The standing O” – Literally rising from my desk, applauding and shouting “BRAVO!” if someone did something I considered exceptional.  You know, like a standing ovation for an actor or musician. Read more on “Standing O” For Birth Control…

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