The Whole World Has ADHD 


“The whole world has ADHD.”

No, he was not a mental health practitioner speaking with us.  He was a professional fund-raiser.

His sentiment, however, was one I had heard before, in other kinds of jargon.

“Dumb it down.”

“Keep it simple, stupid.”

“The human attention span is getting shorter and shorter.”

Back in the days of Sesame Street, it was said that children loved the short durations and the quick cutaways from one scene to the next.

Some said it was reinforcing the presence of a short attention span in children.

The repetition with increased frequency of simple lessons.

Like “Is it left or is it right?

“Is it conservative or is it liberal?”

I want to reach the public, change the world, right the grossly materialistic wrongs of American Medicine, where the only treatments that get developed are the ones that can make patent and generate profits for large pharmaceutical companies.

These are too many things for me to tell at once.  It’s not that I can’t ultimately say all that I believe in and want to fix.

It is just that I must focus on what is most horrible and use that to connect with people.

So let’s start here.

Sex trafficking is the single most heinous crime known to me.

People who have been coerced into bodily slavery have the very fiber of their identity disrupted.  Depression and anxiety are everywhere.  Substance abuse is common.  Post-traumatic stress disorder affects pretty much everyone.
Yes, the same illness that causes mental injury to men who are combat veterans strikes these more often female victims, but victims may be members of either sex or even children.

Perhaps the worst symptom is “dissociation,” literally letting a victim forget who they are and where they are.

We are putting together an organization to fight this.

Stay tuned.

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