Alien Warfare — True Or False?


Two mentally challenged individuals had been having a bit of a spat with raised voices about which of one or another alien races had been exterminated in some futuristic interplanetary war.  They had obviously been emotionally involved.  It could have been truly ugly if they had let go and started beating each other.

There were a lot of things wrong with this picture.

First, they seemed to be “fighting” about the truth or falsehood about a book that could only have been a piece of science fiction.  Maybe they had some kind of Asperger’s or Autism traits, and they had trouble telling what was real, anyway.  I am not sure how many times that particular diagnostic error might have been over-clobbered with medications.

But there is a deeper problem.  Why are people having wars in an interplanetary future anyway?

When I was a little kid, I was absolutely convinced humanoids would have ended warfare by now.  Darwin seems to no longer be pushing biological evolution of the human species; rather, ethical improvement of the human race by people honoring those who are doing ethical and honest things.

Granted, I can’t exactly see that happening at this minute.

I refuse Polyanna-like human that I am — to accept wars as permanently inevitable.  I cannot accept them as a base part of human (?humanoid?) nature that humans cannot squelch.

More to follow on this one.  Clearly.

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