How Old Is Your Doctor?


I can’t believe how many people come in to my office telling me that I don’t understand that their pains are from “getting old,” and that everyone, as they get old, has aches and pains and that is how it is.

I try to be calm and avoid yelling if I say,  “what you need is an older doctor.”

Now I try to hold my tongue for a bit while I check their date of birth on the medical record.  These patients have been, in every single case, younger than me.  Usually 40’s and 50’s.

I tell them, “I’ll be 65 in just a couple of weeks and I am totally pain-free.  I can help you get there, too, if you like.”

They usually continue complaining, or go on wailing, telling me that things are not as “good” as they were when they were younger.  Skin sags and weight accumulates and such.

These can, of course, be avoided with artful strategies.

I fail to see wanting NOT to get older.  The alternative of stagnation or even death is too horrific to imagine.

I can actually help make things easier.  That is what doctors are for.

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