Too many Americans can’t afford to and simply do not–take their medicines as prescribed. That estimate is based on information from the (American!) Centers for Disease Control). I have had patients come into my office who take their medications –in both cases, for life-threatening infectious diseases — only every other day, simply because that is all they can afford. I explained to each one individually the idea of the half-life of a drug. They only stay in your body for a certain length of time, then they leave your body in waste products.  That is why taking a drug every other day is not really effective. They both gave me almost exactly the same response — It was all they could afford, and it was probably better than nothing. Read more on Big Pharma Is Capitalism Out Of Control…


I never smoked.  In my family, it was simply not an option.  My grandmother of blessed memory used to stand at the front door and kick out anybody who opened a box of cigarettes on the concrete stairs coming up to the front door, let alone anyone who actually looked as if they were or would smoke.

My father of blessed memory swore once that when he tried to bring home a buddy from Harvard who was smoking and appeared poorly dressed; my grandmother kicked him out at the door. Read more on Everybody Knows Smoking Is Bad — So Why Do Some Still Do It?…

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How much time did it take people to figure out that treating something will prevent its spread? About 30 years for AIDS, according to our major news media.

DUH!  We have already figured out demographically that treating influenza prevents its spread. Our friends at the CDC have the flu nicely codified.  A nice list of things we can do to prevent it.  One of them is, of course, using those lovely new antiviral drugs.  Yes, you can treat it, and clearly, that is a good thing, for not only does the patient get better (sometimes they are actually grateful), but it does stop the disease from spreading. Read more on AIDS Treatment=Prevention…

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