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My husband introduced me to the original “Star Trek” series and movies and of course the character I most identify with is Mr. Spock.

His famous catch phrase is “Humans are illogical.”

Children playing soccer taking a headerThat’s an understatement – and as a psychiatrist I often see those who are far, far past illogical.

One of the topics I have frequently commented about is perhaps the most illogical of all – SPORTS.

It seems there is always a story in the news about sports injuries and deaths, and it is well established that professional sports ruins the lives of the athletes who perform and the cities that finance these bread-and-circus entertainments for their fans.

Yet, sports fans are like religious zealots – they just don’t care about the wreckage and carnage as long as they get to drink heavily and act irresponsibly.

It’s even more of a tragedy when the athletes are not professionals – they are children.

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While so-called “Universal Health Care” can have tremendous advantages in the primary care field, it is totally unable to deal with specialized care.  A case in point — and an all-too-common case — is cancer treatment.  Time is of the essence when dealing with cancer, as the chance of recovery and survival is best if it is caught and treated early.

This video is not an isolated case.  A very dear friend of mine could tell you a very similar story about her thyroid cancer and the frustrations of the Canadian Public Health system — but without the happy ending.

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