I recently initiated what I call “The Renegade Doctor’s Massive Weight Loss” support group for people who must lose 100 lbs or more for health reasons.
Registration is free and I will be sending regular messages by email about how I achieved my 160-lb weight loss withough diet, exercise, drugs or surgery, as well as recent research, myth-busting facts, nutritional supplement news,and general encouragement and support for those who are undertaking a major weight loss.
Renegade Doctor's Massive Weight LossMost diet articles, books and programs are for people who want to lose ten or twenty or maybe as much as 50 lbs.  However, the majority of obese Americans are well over that.  Carrying around 100 lbs or more of extra weight is often called “The American Disease,” and foreigners make jokes about fat Americans and their cheeseburger-culture of overeating and obesity.

It’s terrible to be shamed and made to feel guilty because of your weight.  It’s not only cruel strangers, but family members and even doctors who perpetrate such behavior.

Nothing is simple if you do it alone, and massive weight loss is a difficult project.  In fact, it’s generally considered hopeless and overweight people are advised to get surgery or take drugs that have harmful side effects.

I’m making my support group available to anyone who is interested, and to make sure that you aren’t getting spammed, I’m making it by subscription only.
Of course, like my subscription newsletter, it is free to sign-up and you can discontinue at any time.

With so much focus on weight and body image in our culture, it is no wonder that people who are heavy get depressed and develop all kinds of physical and emotional symptoms.

Here is the web page where you can read what the support group is all about and sign up for the mailing list.

There will also be free phone conferences, brochures and other support material to help you.

I know how difficult it is — I know how painful living as an obese person can be.  And I know the solution.

Take care and be happy — and healthy.

Estelle Toby Goldstein, MD
The Renegade Doctor

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I remember the pain of being the fat person on an airplane, waiting for the stewardess to finish demonstrating how the seat belt had to be buckled. Was there really someone on the plane who had never buckled an automobile seat belt, who did not know how this apparatus was supposed to work? Sitting dutifully through the safety procedures description was a reason to squint, to ignore while seeming to listen. Then, the stewardess would hand off the seat belt example, which was really an extender.  Suddenly, the fat woman could feel safe, and ignore her extender, as the belt fastened low on the hips, just like everyone else.

The “growing problem” (pardon my attempt at humor) of larger-size people is not a reason for guilt, but it is an obvious factor in the safety of transports. Obesity in America is the function of an over-processed food supply that addicts people to foods.  Of this I am sure, having seen too many examples, including myself. Personal responsibility, detailed descriptions of the determinants of leptin secretion, none of these helped this morose fatty when there were only one or two in sight in any group.

Now there are more – scads more. Every time you walk into a room there are so many heavy-weights that there seems to be nothing else.

If these people are anything like I was nearly 200 lbs. ago, they want mutual support instead of guilt trips. Read more on Don’t Pick On The Heavyweights…

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I started wondering when I first heard that the First Lady, Michelle Obama, was out to conquer childhood obesity. I am not obsessive about a lot of things — such as fashion and politics — that seem to ignite public passions like a match nearby a gas jet.

3.5 lb. hamburger

Journalist Jane Fryer with the 3 1/2 lb burger at Hillbilly Hotdogs in Huntington, WV

I suppose I can forgive Mrs. Obama for sublimating her true identity as a Harvard-trained lawyer who probably could have been some kind of a government official in her own rite. After all, a lot of people call themselves conservatives and suffer some kind of painful convulsions with any evidence that the world has changed since their own childhoods. They want the comfort of mother’s breast from their First Lady, although they want that breast to be glamorous enough to fit into some kind of designer dress. Read more on Childhood Obesity Initiative — Misguided But Politically Correct…

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