To paraphrase some recent political campaigns, the FDA was against Qnexa before they were for it.

I’ve written about this diet drug compound before —  HERE And HERE.

Last time I wrote about this “drug,” I thought it was down for the count. Aauugghh!!!!

Like a scene from “Night Of The Living Diet Drugs” – it is back from the grave.

You bet your life! (Literally if you take this) – our protective government watchdogs at the FDA originally said this was too dangerous to unleash on the public.  Then – as the politicians say – they did a “Flip Flop.” This No-Vowel remedy QNEXA (ok, it has a couple of vowels, but not enough) is not actually a drug — it is a combination of two drugs.

This is of course, the cheapest way to get a new product on the market and eliminate R&D costs as well as testing for safety and efficacy. The company takes two separate FDA-approved agents and combines – kind of like making Frankenstein out of left-over body parts.

(This is turning into a Halloween column, isn’t it?  Sorry.) Read more on They’re Ba-a-a-a-ck!!! Zombie Diet Drugs!!!…


Well, I did not expect to have anything good to say about the FDA this soon.
We have written on QNEXA, one of those drugs compounded from previously known compounds that are devised, as far as I can tell, to make money fast by combining previously approved drugs.  And putting them towards a popular indication, like weight loss. Read more on More On Qnexa Rejection By FDA…

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This is the system we want to run health care.

Civil liberties get lost, people spend a lot of money writing spy reports and then don’t read them.  There is little in government that works.

I know the system that the FDA wants for drugs does not work.

First, you know nobody will use it with diet and exercise as recommended.  They are both dull, not fun, and in the literature I read changes that are increasingly modest seem to be acceptable, and take a team of cheerleaders.  Even “natural” companies, like Metagenics, have gone and credentialed counselors to help with lifestyle changes. Read more on Diet Drugs: The Public Is The Loser…