More On Qnexa Rejection By FDA


Well, I did not expect to have anything good to say about the FDA this soon.
We have written on QNEXA, one of those drugs compounded from previously known compounds that are devised, as far as I can tell, to make money fast by combining previously approved drugs.  And putting them towards a popular indication, like weight loss.

I am proud of the FDA for making a decision that is doubtless unpopular with many.

People want and think they need more diet drugs.  Drugs are unlikely to ever be more than a third rate answer to this problem.  Obesity is multifactorial, with causes including the entire nature of the American food supply as well as individual emotional problems which have become so medicalized we now deal with them every bit as poorly as we deal with more acute forms of life threatening illness.

No, drugs are NOT, the answer, and if this is the second time a diet drug has been rejected by the FDA in one week, then they are starting to get some insight. That is the best news of all.

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