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I was about three years old when I enjoyed tending our backyard with her.  I had been a marvel to her, since she was a little girl, earning her keep as an agricultural worker in the Ukraine, it what was then known as Russia.

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You’ve seen me write about EMPowerPlus many times. I was fortunate enough to be chosen to conduct independent research on this about ten years ago and I use it extensively with my private practice patients.

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David Hardy passed away last week after suffering a stroke. You may not have heard of him, but you may be one of the many thousands of people who have been helped by the products of his research, EmPowerPlus and Daily Essential Nutrients (DEN). These pioneering products have been instrumental in the  treatment of mental health problems with multiple micronutrients (minerals and vitamins) for the past two decades. Independent clinical research on these products has been led by Bonnie J. Kaplan, PhD, Professor Emeritus, Cumming School of Medicine, The Child Development Centre at the University of Calgary (Alberta, Canada) for over ten years. This research — which is not paid for by the manufacturers and hasn’t had a government grant for many years — has been conducted in Canada, the US and New Zealand. empower-plus-research-2006

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I don’t think we plan what our real specialties are going to be.

I frequently tell patients I am an expert on getting through menopause now that I have been able to come through my own relatively unscathed.

I became somewhat of an expert on Asperger’s because I diagnosed many elements of it in my father and just about all criteria in my brother.

They both carried additional diagnoses of bipolar (a.k.a. ‘manic-depressive’) illness.  Neither one was in any way typical.

Both surely had their problems in life.  My father was assisted considerably by his domineering mother who gave him lots — I mean lots — of direction.  She even helped him choose a wife — my mother — who took care of the things in life that were difficult or even impossible for him. Read more on From Sandy Hook to Santa Barbara — Asperger’s Syndrome And Violence…


The first time I found out about neuropathic pain, it was not even mine.

I was living in Amiens, above a cafe, and had adopted the boss, the patronne, as a surrogate mother.  I came home late from a laboratory class one night and I tried to figure out what I was looking at with a dim light only on in back.  I found this 80 year old woman in the back room with her blouse undone and an older man apparently angry at her pointing his finger. I ran in and asked him to identify himself, as I was concerned for Madame, and there was apparently some difficulty.  He was nearly as old as she and they were both laughing heartily indeed.  That is how I met this noble “docteur du quartier” (neighborhood doctor) who was performing what he described as an “honest and beneficial auscultation” and prescribing for her chest cold.

His whole practice was cafe backrooms.  His patients the cafe patrons, who often had no cars, or no place else to go for medical care.  He practiced a simple medicine, and as I advanced in school and he knew what I was learning he told me all that was too technical for him, and he would leave that to the young ones, especially the girls like me, because girls pay a lot of attention to detail and remember everything.  And girls are nice and take good care of patients because they care a lot and try very, very hard.  He told me not to tell anybody he said that. I never told anybody he said that until just now. Read more on Neuropathic Pain and Benfotiamine…

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