No More “Bye-Bye Brain Cells”

You’ve seen me write about EMPowerPlus many times. I was fortunate enough to be chosen to conduct independent research on this about ten years ago and I use it extensively with my private practice patients.

I just recently published an article in the TrueHope Blog about a topic that was thought impossible until just recently — growing new brain cells. I explain how we have discovered that getting nutrients to the right parts of the brain enable existing neurons to create new pathways (such as after a stroke or head injury), and how the brain can grow entirely new neurons.

This is very exciting, especially to those who have noticed some cognitive decline (now where did I put my keys?). I’ve known the TrueHope people a long time and they have constantly been improving their formula and trying to make their products as accessible as possible to the people who need them, and the people who believe that alternative medicine is a safe and effective way to manage certain problems.

Please read through the article and let me know what you think — was it too technical? Was it boring?  Did I accomplish my goal of making this exciting news fun to read? Thanks to TrueHope for giving me the opportunity to get my message out, and I hope to be adding other articles to their already huge library of alternative medicine news.

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