I was in my specialty training when I read Peter D.Kramer’s “Listening to Prozac.”

I remember thinking he was articulate and observant and all kinds of wonderful things, riding the cusp of a great change in psychiatry, doubting him to be a “real” scientist who would hang out at a meeting of the Society for Biological Psychiatry as I once did.

I was wondering what to do with the result of his observation that certain character traits, such as “rejection sensitivity,” could be somehow changed for the better with psycho-pharmacology. Read more on “Listening to Prozac” and What People Really Want…

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A beloved football coach – I might even say a living legend – finds his life destroyed after a luminous career.  All because of alleged inaction – perhaps to shield a friend, perhaps to preserve the “old school” or for other reasons.

Penn State coach Joe Paterno

More than a coach -- Joe Paterno has been a diety at Penn State

And the sad story of Joe Paterno is only one more chapter in how the victims who suffer are once again vilified, and how we wonder if it is even possible for justice to prevail when such tragedy is involved.

When I was in the year of training for psychotherapy, I felt fortunate to study under a knowledgeable PhD who ran the gamut from psychoanalysis to cognitive styles in his competencies.

The thing he told us was the most important thing to do during our psychotherapy training was for each of us to isolate the population with which we could not work. Read more on Penn State Sports Scandal Destroys Lives…

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I know some people think I’m not a sports fan – and I’m really not – and that’s why I harp on the negative side of sports news.

sports is my religion printed on a t-shirt

Why do you think so many ball games are on Sunday?

But the truth is that I’m a humanist and a doctor, and I continually wonder why our society is so dedicated to dangerous and destructive activities that – if they were not so profitable and so glamorized – should be considered insanity.

Every time a person – especially young people – dies during an athletic contest or practice, every time there is a tragic injury or accident while “playing games” I shudder.

Somebody died at a triathlon, and somebody else had something wrong.

Of course, the uneducated and, generally speaking, minimally-informed people who comment on such things say they think it must have been something in the water.

Read more on Glorification Of Sports Is Our Modern Major Mental Illness…

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