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Whatever job I take, my husband says I basically function as a teacher.  There probably is some truth in this, and I seem to be forever reminding people that the verb “doceo,” the Latin verb “to teach,” is the word that the English language word “doctor” comes from.

Most of us doctors have little time for the teaching function.  This is not exactly what insurance pays for.  The internet is an explosion of information that absolutely dwarfs the ancient library at Alexandria.  Although I wish more people would be more aggressive about finding and using that information, I understand there is so much information that people don’t know who to believe.

That is the place where people should bombard their doctors with information they want clarified. Read more on Huffing…

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I know some people think I’m not a sports fan – and I’m really not – and that’s why I harp on the negative side of sports news.

sports is my religion printed on a t-shirt

Why do you think so many ball games are on Sunday?

But the truth is that I’m a humanist and a doctor, and I continually wonder why our society is so dedicated to dangerous and destructive activities that – if they were not so profitable and so glamorized – should be considered insanity.

Every time a person – especially young people – dies during an athletic contest or practice, every time there is a tragic injury or accident while “playing games” I shudder.

Somebody died at a triathlon, and somebody else had something wrong.

Of course, the uneducated and, generally speaking, minimally-informed people who comment on such things say they think it must have been something in the water.

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