I have been putting together a new project to help victims of human trafficking.  During this effort I have made many new friends and gained some powerful allies.

One is a Christian evangelist named Meri Crouley who hosts a show on the satellite TV network The Cross TV.  Her programs are archived on YouTube.

Meri wanted me to come on her program “Now Is The Time,” but we had so much to talk about that she has actually extended me to two episodes.  The first one already aired last Thursday and is available at this website:

Now is the Time Meri Crouley 12-14-2017 – YouTube

The next one will be broadcast next Thursday and available online by Friday.
In addition, Rev. Crouley wants me back to talk in the future, so I will keep you posted when I’m scheduled to go on again.
This horrible predicament of human trafficking amounts to slavery.  Most of the victims are females forced into prostitution, but there are others (men and women) who are laborers in various trades and industries.
This is a topic I will revisit.  We need to raise the awareness of the public that this is going on in our own cities.

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There is something wildly inappropriate about me being traumatized when shopping for nutritional supplements in a national chain pharmacy.

I have sustained Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (luckily far from the worst cases I have seen) from my auditory trauma. Read more on Pharmacies Practicing Medicine!…


I only saw pea plants growing in a field one time I can recall in a field in Northern France. Read more on Bless Your Pea-Picking Heart!…


“I just am not good enough to come up with a pill that works if you don’t take it.” Read more on Are You Taking Your Pills?…


I’ve met a lot of people since I moved to California over 20 years ago, but one who has endured as a close and dear friend is Christelle Tachon.

I sat down for an intimate chat with her last month and fortunately had the cameras rolling.  What we captured is funny, intimate and emotional — a testament to a pair of friends who care deeply for one another. Read more on Blog…

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Trump’s Just Say No Campaign

Patients often try to discuss politics with me and I always avoid it the best I can.

I don’t care what folks believe, for here in the U-S-of-A I will not stop believing that every one of us has the right to choose.  I try to tell them I am about as apolitical a human as they are going to find.

Should they want to push me into a corner and find out if I am “left” or “right,” I try to convince them that I grew up in Boston and so am “fairly liberal,” or remind them I am a veteran of the United States Army Medical Corps, which is usually enough to make me pass for “conservative.” Read more on Reviving The Failed “Just Say No” Drug Campaign…

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Sexual harassment has been making the news lately.  Dozens of powerful men in Hollywood (especially) and business and government are being accused of misconduct by vulnerable young women (and men in some cases).

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder can result from any trauma. Car accidents, animal attacks, a bad fall — not just sexual assault or war.

A high-school student doing a report for school recently wrote to me asking about PTSD.  I thought my answers might be of interest to others, so I’m sharing them with you. Read more on Student Questions About PTSD…


Down with oversimplification. I have no interest in seeing life resolved to “yes” or “no” questions. This is what “mass media” seems to be doing. I hate, for example, people who agonize trying to decide if I am “conservative” or “liberal.”  If a patient tries to focus on this sort of thing (and it is amazing how often they do) it is not too tough to find out what they want me to be and to convince them that I’m exactly what they want me to be.  (It usually involves either telling them I am a veteran of the U.S.Army or telling them I went to undergraduate university in Boston.) Read more on It Is Not A “Yes” Or “No” Question…

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I’m on my way to shoot a video with my dear friend Christelle Tachon that will end up on my new podcast site.  This is actually the second time I will have filmed with Christelle, and the first episode with her is nearly completed in the editing process.

Read more on New Podcast Is Available — Mona Jones, Part 2…


I recently read a heart-wrenching series of reports on doctors not believing women.  I thought this sort of value judgment was outmoded, finding it hard to believe in this century and in this country. I have had at least a few experiences within the last year of patients who I sent back to the primary care physicians who referred them to me.  I simply felt that although the primary physicians had in every case told the patient it was “all in your head” and sent them to me for care, I had found signs indicative of physical illness and wanted them to have a further workup.

Read more on Doctors Really Don’t Believe Women…

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