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You may never have heard of bromelain — but then again, we are in a land where big drug companies get all the publicity (and some say suppress their natural product competition). However this enzyme extracted from pineapple is a very powerful anti-inflammatory, and I say this because I have first-hand experience with it, and not because I read it on the internet somewhere. Best of all, it is readily available in most health food stores and pharmacies.

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Okay, let me get this straight.

A study, done by people who at least in part are employees of the CVS pharmacy chain, has established to a wildly impressive level of significance that prescriptions for (cheaper) generic drugs are more likely to get filled than prescriptions labeled “brand name only.”

Brand-name only prescriptions are 50 to 60% less likely to get filled.  This is the summary of the article on CVS website.

Of course there is a little more info in the first article linked above — like specialists being more likely to write “dispense as written,” and such. Read more on Brand Name vs. Generics — Again and Again…


I was a staff psychiatrist at the Las Vegas VA, when the endocrinologist who was assigned from that august institution to take care of me told me that Meridia for weight loss would be a good idea.

Surprisingly, the first thing that came up on my search today was something from the Forbes magazine health editor. Duh, this is a business story.

When I declined Meridia, because of what he thought were “only a few”
reports of sudden death, I was packing on the weight steadily– due exclusively because of his treatment for me — which included taking a lot of insulin which obviously I did not need.  After all, I had a bit much blood sugar and he never noticed it was chasing my triglycerides, and/or never saw this, although it had been starting even then to become evident to me. Read more on Harmful Drugs Are Reported As Business News — Not Health Or Medical…


This was the last item I posted on the blog Nov 6 before we took it down a few days later to start the overhaul.  In case you didn’t get a chance to read it, I’m reprinting it.


She was a saleswoman prone to bipolar mood swings, stable on a brand name prescription mood stabilizer.  It had originally been marketed as an anticonvulsant and her medication was doing its job.  She recently returned to full-time work after a manic attack had cost her both her marriage and the custody of her child.
Generic Pill
“I don’t have the insurance I once did; I now sell home decoration instead of heating fuel like I used to.  The money is better, but now all of a sudden the cost of my medication is really ridiculous.  The generic is lots cheaper.”

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