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I do not claim to be perfect but I DO claim to be a good doctor.  Not just a good psychiatrist.  Being a good doctor comes first.

One reason is that despite a lot of medical practice since graduation (I will admit to wincing a bit when I quote the figure in years–34) in multiple specialties, I still believe that taking care of other human beings and trying to help them through life is a sacred trust.  I actually believe that doing what I do the best I can is more important to whatever religious future my soul can scrape up than showing up at public worship.  Honest.

Another reason that I am a good doctor is that I am old enough that an amazing amount of bad medical things have happened to me.  Often before I knew better, they were the side effects of prescription drugs.  I now accept them only as temporary solutions.  I would rather dive into the world of alternative natural substances — which do work — if the practitioner is someone who knows what they are doing which I do. Read more on Cholesterol Lowering and Drugs…


I know about statin drugs.  I used to take some of them, various ones, to lower my cholesterol.  Long ago, of course, when I was a VA patient but some sort of a “VA VIP” since I am a physician, good God, and someone had to make sure I was getting the best care that a federal institution could give.

One of the things they did was to tell me we had to do something about my awful cholesterol.  I knew it was not that awful, but they told me I should get a “statin.”  I tried about three or four different ones before I told my doctor never to give me these horrible medications. He told me I was insane, but my cholesterol has lowered considerably since.There are lots of wonderful ways to lower cholesterol (like dancing as much as you can) that do not carry statin risks. The article cited above is not the first one that blows the widespread use of statins out of the water, if someone bothers to listen.  Few do. Read more on Cholesterol Drugs Could Be Worse Than Cholesterol…

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