One of the strange things that happen when you are getting older is that they change the rules while you are playing the game.

One of the things that happened while I was not looking is that the playing field for women in male-dominated roles does seem to have improved a bit. Read more on …

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My husband and I went to the movies yesterday.  We are not excited by hype or first run or being the first on our block to see or do anything. So we went to a second-run movie and saw the third in the “Shrek” series.  Now the story was fine and the animation was impeccable.  But me, being me, I always look for the “meta-message” in movies.  What “message,” what lesson are the children (and adults) who sit through this movie getting pumped into their subconscious mind? I am assuming we are talking about the subconscious mind, since I have never heard other people talk very much spontaneously about this issue, which to me is a very fascinating one. First, a little about Shrek III for those adults and children who may have missed it.

Shrek is bored with the non-ogre like life as a father of a family with Fiona, his own true love.  So much so that he signs a pact with Rumpelstiltskin – who seems to have purchased the embodiment of evil franchise from Satan.  This launches him into a plot that is essentially the same as Jimmy Stewart in “It’s A Wonderful Life” (and if you’ve never seen that movie, just wait until Christmas season and it will be on every TV channel night and day for a month). Read more on Movies Give Us The Meta-Message…

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