blood transfusions


“Ten” (10) is an easy number to remember.

I have no doubt, although many years have passed, that 10 grams per decileter was the laboratory value at which I had to prescribe a blood transfusion for everybody. Read more on Where Do They Get Those Numbers For Blood Tests?…

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How could anybody think it was justified by their religion to stick sewing needles into a child’s body?

voodoo dollNow according to the news story, the (obligatory) academic expert said there were no potentially harmful rituals in Candomble, the most popular of the Afro-Brazilian religions.  This statement ranks right up there with, “Hey, Columbus – don’t go too far or you’ll fall off the edge of the world!”

Someone is obviously worried about prejudice against the Afro-Brazilian religions.  Me, I am more worried about the sanctity of human life. Read more on Can We Protect Children From Their Parents?…

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