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My husband told me something that I thought was a joke, but he convinced me it was serious.

During “drive-time” he heard an advertisement for a medical marijuana dispensary on the radio.  Among the many conditions it promoted marijuana as helping was eating disorders.

My thoughts went immediately to stoners with the midnight munchies making an emergency run to 7-11 for Cheetos or the late-night drive through at Burger King. Read more on Standardizing and Regulating Medical Marijuana — Who Are We Doing It For?…

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Okay, I have this vivid memory of sitting with a bunch of colleagues in a doctors’ lounge in Beauvais, France, trying to figure out why we had inflicted upon ourselves the punishment of studying medicine and then practicing it for a living.  There were a couple of guys who wanted to be missionaries; really religious folk.  Others discussed the exalted status of the doctor in the community, the money that went with it, etc. When it came to a choice of specialty, there was a lot of discussion, even then and even in France, about the difficulty of the studies, of developing a practice, of making a living. Rarely there was a feeling of passion.  This was viewed as naive.  I remember a woman who wanted to go into oral surgery because she believed that the human spirit was lodged in the teeth (Really).  A woman who wanted to be a cancer doctor because her mother had died of cancer far too young. And there was me, the “brain freak,” granted there was a Jewish idea of public service and healing humanity.  But my passion for the brain was (and is) real. How it works and what it does to behavior are things I find passionately consuming as well as sacred. Some of the French doctors laughed; others just smiled.  I guess they figured I would grow out of it.

As I write this, I am wearing a heart-shaped wristwatch, with a picture of a sagittal section of the human brain. Read more on “Marijuana Doctors”…

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Medical Marijuana LogoIt seems that the first television advertisement for medical marijuana has hit the California airwaves without a whimper.  The first TV commercial just ran on a Sacramento station.

Having experience in many clinics from the Oregon border to the Mexican border, I can confirm that in most of California, medical marijuana is commonplace.  It does not seem to be tremendously difficult to obtain, and I have attended many patients have valid prescriptions for it.

There is a list of conditions for which it is alleged to help, which is as long as your arm.  Hearing about these conditions where cannabis is the preferred treatment usually causes me to smile, and I suspect that the list continues to grow with each new patient who wishes to use this remedy.   Read more on Marijuana–The Only Drug Without FDA Approval…

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