I’ve met a lot of people since I moved to California over 20 years ago, but one who has endured as a close and dear friend is Christelle Tachon.

I sat down for an intimate chat with her last month and fortunately had the cameras rolling.  What we captured is funny, intimate and emotional — a testament to a pair of friends who care deeply for one another.

We couldn’t be more different. Christelle is young enough to be my daughter, she is tall and slender with fashion-model beauty.  A really California girl with curves and blonde hair — and yet she is a native of France.

In fact the thing that brought us together was the fact that I enjoy speaking French so much.  I checked into a hotel in San Diego nearly ten years ago and she was behind the reception desk — the manager of the hotel.  Of course, her name and her accent clued me into her origins immediately and we bonded before my stay was over.

Over the years I’ve traveled all over the state of California (and a few other places too) but always kept in touch with Christelle.  Whenever I returned to Southern California the first thing I did was to contact her to get together.

I’m starting out with a relatively brief video on my Renegade Podcast site so you can be introduced to this fascinating and charming young lady.  But there will be more.

And fellows — she’s single!  You will want to learn more about her, I am sure.

So this is a promise — You will!

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