New Podcast Is Available — Mona Jones, Part 2


I’m on my way to shoot a video with my dear friend Christelle Tachon that will end up on my new podcast site.  This is actually the second time I will have filmed with Christelle, and the first episode with her is nearly completed in the editing process.

Meanwhile, I’ve posted the second part of my first podcast with Mona Jones, clinical hypnotherapist.  You can now view it at —

Thank you so much for all the great comments you’ve given us.  The chemistry is certainly there when Mona and I get together and that’s why we work so well together professionally. Mona tells us her experience in working as a team with psychiatrists and psychologists.  Each professional brings something different to the treatment and it is a powerful way for patients to overcome a multitude of problems. But when Mona and I get in front of a video camera, it’s fun and funny as well as eye-opening.

Don’t just read about it — go watch it.  We’ve got the best parts concentrated into a brisk 30-minute video and it’s free for you to watch or download right now. You can bet I’ll be inviting Mona back again in the near future. I hope you enjoy — be sure to let me know!

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