New Podcast From The Renegade Doctor


I’m excited to announce that a project that I’ve had in development for so long is ready to be unveiled.

Final editing is being completed on my first video podcast and I’ve started a new website for its home. This is a pre-announcement — a “teaser,” if you will.  And all will be revealed very soon.

I will have both audio and video podcasts. They will be available in several formats, from very short (a couple of minutes) to hour-long (or perhaps more).

I will cover a range of subjects — as I do in this blog — but besides hearing all of my thoughts and opinions, I will be interviewing some extremely fascinating people.  Not all will be medical or psychiatric.  Some will be creative and some will be scientific and some might just be fun and entertainment.

But you ought to know me by now!

More news very soon — please keep checking this blog for details.

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