Was Alfred Hitchcock the best pharmaceutical rep ever?


It is only a dim memory for me. Sitting around the black and white television with my folks, watching Alfred Hitchcock walk into his profile, and say things to America in a snarky sort of tone that I could never have used with anybody. Strange, I don’t remember the content of she shows.  Not too surprising — I was only two years old when he came on the air.

We watched it every week.  I remember no content, except my Bobie (grandma) liked once when a woman killed her husband by clobbering him over the head with a frozen leg of lamb’ then, cooked it to get rid of the evidence. Nobody said much about this novel director-personality, who took multiple jabs at the sponsor.

Sponsor apparently reviewed the script, but nobody reviewed the snarky, even condescending remarks. “Crime doesn’t pay — we got a sponsor.” Bristol Meyers Squibb was on a show with a 39.4 Nielsen (apparently totally awesome). People bought a lot of their flagship product, Bufferin. I know nothing of clinical trials, nor did my folks, who thought aspirin was cheaper and just as good. People are certainly buying enough flagship products of big pharma now. Good Lord, I would feel awful if my snarky comments were actually helping.

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