Another Day Of Spreading Kindness


My husband will drive me a bit to go see a patient, closer to his home. I may nod off briefly, although I have had enough sleep.  Only to wake up again briskly when he slams on the brakes, which he will a few times, at least. I continue to be shocked by the total lack of empathy drivers have for each other.

I continue to peddle kindness as the ultimate prevention in mental health. There are many intellectual reasons to argue for kindness.  It is evolutionary.  We need to be alive and functioning and contributing to our society. The highway seems like an ocean of people disconnected.  It seems like none of them is aware the other guy has at least as much stress as you do. Maybe we need to focus on the immediate reward.

I love the smile or wave from a perfect stranger. In this context, how much emotion can you share with the guy/gal in the next lane? My husband cannot see my clown faces to children in the back seat of a car, and their excited responses. This is fun — choosing what you want to be, how you want to project in a split second of eye contact. Perhaps this is the game, the challenge, that image loving southern California needs.

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