Introducing The Kindness Channel


Things have changed a lot since I started answering questions.  When I was a medical school professor, the most frequent question (from my students) was “Is this going to be on the test?”  There have been questions about general medicine, how to deal with doctors, and even sometimes about sex. The answer to pretty much all of the questions about sex ends up being “The sexiest organ in your body is your brain.  Change what it thinks, and you can change pretty much anything and make it better.”

Now my most frequently asked question is “Can I become  your  really close friend?” Now my answer is “Yes,” to absolutely everybody. Someone told me not long ago that the most important thing about me was not what I did, in my work and such, but how I had chosen to live. Huh?” My work is, I guess, pretty important to me.  I did a lot of wacky things before I got to do this work.  My motto is “whatever it takes,” and I really would go to the ends of the earth for my patients.  My patients are people whom I admire, who I really care about.

I have a great life with a husband with whom I am crazy in love, Mr. Wade B. Ward.  A lot of cultural activities;  I love to sing and dance and play with fashion and all sorts of stuff. I haven’t talked much about my favorite hobby — comedy, of all ways, shapes, and forms. I have developed a real and honest love for people who care enough to read me and follow me and talk to me sometimes.  I really believe that together we can make the whole world more kind, more human, and more loving.  (Including medicine.) Yes.  I really love all you guys. Now, I am going to make sure I talk to you every day.

Watch for upcoming details on my new video series.  I will be making these freely available to those who just want access to me, whether as just Estelle, or The Renegade Doctor or The Medical Maverick — whatever you need. I call it “The Kindness Channel” — and it will be positive, uplifting and KIND! — Just what the world needs right now.

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