I love men.

I mean, I actually went and married one, and I am delighted.

I understand their senses of “maleness” are sometimes a bit more fragile with women challenging them on absolutely every front imaginable.

But they still do quite well.  I absolutely love them. Read more on Cialis, OTC, and Men…

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We did not really know where this patient was at. I figured out he was some kind of bipolar, because he talked about mood swings.

When I first saw him, he seemed to have a delusional system that had something to do with idealizing a woman pharmacist and feeling he had offended her and thinking obsessionally about her.

He was starting to idealize me, and commenting on my hair and clothes, and I will admit that I wanted to fix this guy as quickly as possible, so I would not get incorporated into one of what sounded like a series of delusional systems. He had come into the clinic several times, usually with sequentially weakening delusions — always an idealized woman. He gave the impression of being gay — always wearing at least one piece of jewelry that I would have expected to see on a woman. Read more on How To Shock Your Doc — New Uses For A Medicine Bottle…

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