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Narcissistic men have raised cortisol – or physiological stress — from being these bully-others sorts. But women do not? Hmmm.

A narcissist is somebody who puts their needs above yours in any relationship.  I can count on one hand the times I have seen them in treatment.  They are “bullies” and we usually see their victims.

Cortisol – commonly known as the “stress” hormone — can be accurately measured with a mouth swab.  Because of this, people can do research — many of whom appear to be a great deal more open minded than doctors. Read more on Physiological Validation of Narcissism…


The intersection of law and medicine can be a real sticky wicket.

Most people have heard of someone being “not guilty by reason of insanity” and most people know that some defendants might be found incompetent to stand trial.

But the processes are sometimes vague and often confusing – especially to the lay audience. Read more on Mentally Retarded But Comptetent To Stand Trial…

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I have been working with criminals longer than I care to admit.  I suppose it is a condition of my accepting temporary consultation assignments, going where the need is greatest.  A lot of work in prisons.  Some with people later, during the parole process. Sometimes they are contrite — more often not.

I am still waiting to meet the smart criminal.  The Moriarty to some law-enforcement-colleague Sherlock.  The high IQ planner, the applied psychologist, the brilliant criminal.

Paris Hilton Arrested For Drug PossessionMaybe they are so brilliant that they never get caught.  Or – if crime truly does not pay – maybe they are the ones who go to those so-called “Country Club Prisons” after they have become wealthy from stock market schemes. They might get “classier” psychiatrists, males with receding hairlines and goatees who wear neckties.  I know they don’t get better ones. Read more on Santa Claus, Tooth Fairy And Smart Criminals — All Myths…

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Query: Why won’t Santa’s elves work now that Santa has lowered wages and they have hastened the assembly line and there are no cookie breaks?

Answer: They all have low elf-esteem.

No I don’t know the origin of the above joke.  I don’t even know about low elf-esteem, as Santa must be referring his (psychologically) non-functional elves to someone that takes his insurance.

Low Self-EsteemI do know that the knowledge of “low self-esteem” as a problem has entered the language and the culture with an enthusiasm and vengeance reserved only for high-frequency psychobabble which has been divorced so completely from its academically-derived meaning that it was possible for me not long ago, when walking dangerously close to a Starbucks, to overhear two people saying it was the cause of their woes.

Our friends at Wikipedia define it as a term used by psychologists, an enduring aspect of personality encompassing beliefs, emotions and behavior.

Read more on Low Self-Esteem — Not Worth Much As A Diagnosis…

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