Physiological Validation of Narcissism


Narcissistic men have raised cortisol – or physiological stress — from being these bully-others sorts. But women do not? Hmmm.

A narcissist is somebody who puts their needs above yours in any relationship.  I can count on one hand the times I have seen them in treatment.  They are “bullies” and we usually see their victims.

Cortisol – commonly known as the “stress” hormone — can be accurately measured with a mouth swab.  Because of this, people can do research — many of whom appear to be a great deal more open minded than doctors.

Years ago, I was doing some teaching at a massage school. I found a study – done by a bunch of physiologically-minded massage therapists — showing that massage lowered cortisol levels.

I once knew a therapist who had chosen her delightful profession simply to gain better understanding of the havoc wreaked upon her by a mother whom she described as “surely narcissistic”.

My guess is that anyone reading this knows at least one narcissist, and has studiously avoided this person in an attempt to avoid pain. They are grandiose!  They got no empathy!

Narcissistic personality disorders – the academics have summed it up nicely. My only question is how much of this you have to read before you recognize someone you are working at avoiding.

This is a curiosity when offered up for consumption as pure research. And it could be a nugget of brilliance in natural psychopharmacology. If we can push down their cortisol levels, can we make dominant, abusive, narcissistic men more lovable!

There is, after all, natural stuff known to do this in certain situations. God knows there are enough questionnaires that could be used to test “lovability” or “non narcissist-ness” or whatever.

Wouldn’t it be delightful if a “natural” and simple pharmacology could be used to decrease at least part of the misery of the human condition?

This is what I’m all about.


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