As it turns out, this whole bit about the use of antibiotics in livestock and poultry is a complex issue.  It’s well beyond anything that anyone would guess at first blush.  The best online summary is the position paper put out by Food Marketing Institute.  Curiously enough, it doesn’t have a year on it.  Based on the references, I’d guess it was probably around 2005.

The Food and Drug Administration has approved the use of therapeutically low doses of antibiotics in feed.  However, very few studies were conducted.  They decided that giving little bits of antibiotics to animals would help avoid illness.  What this means in practical life is that they will grow faster and produce more meat prior to being slaughtered and eaten.

Everybody agrees that using too many antibiotics in humans can cause humans to become resistant to those antibiotics.  This has been blamed on everything from patients who want a prescription for an illness that isn’t caused by bacteria to doctors feeling they need to give a prescription to justify their fee.  This kind of talk has been around for a long time. Read more on Antibiotics in Livestock Feed Endanger The Entire World…

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When a woman becomes a surgeon, she doesn’t necessarily have to give up her femininity – but she often has to make sacrifices.

I enjoy nail polish, but that’s not the reason I switched specialties from neurosurgery to psychiatry. The upside is that I can now indulge myself and my nails.

At first, when I was still in residency, I would sometimes sit on and hide my nails when I was around someone who had a good a professional salon nail-do.  Now I do not much care, as I am more mature and more self-confident.  My nails are polished with some generic enamel from a discount store in a single color, and I apply the lacquer myself. If you inspect them at any random time, you will probably find them plenty chipped. If someone ever noticed — and critical women patients occasionally do — I remind them that those nails were attached to the hands that wrote the prescriptions, so they were good enough for now. The answers didn’t matter.  Mostly there is none.  Sometimes a woman would say, as this one did, “You are nice looking for a doctor, so I thought I should remind you…” “Feh,” I thought but did not say.  I refocused on the job at hand. Nails are more important to some other people.  Sometimes more important than health. Read more on Since When Is Sugar A Vitamin?…

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