Jewish War Veterans


As a proud veteran of the US Army, I fought tears as I read how the pain of our combat veterans has been manipulated by war profiteers. I put on that green uniform and I swore to put my life on the line.  I became a lifetime member of the Jewish War Veterans and the co-surgeon general for the Jewish war veterans and I tried, really tried, to make things better for the troops.

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You probably know by now that I’m all about helping people relieve chronic pain and live longer and healthier lives.  Just the other day, a gentleman visited me at the clinic to request medical marijuana. He said his feet had rotated 180 degrees from normal when he was born.  He was literally born with his feet on backwards.

ancient tribe of people with backward feet and 8 toes each foot

A Back-Foot from the Nurenburg Chronicle, 1493. This ancient tribe of people with backward feet and 8 toes each foot.

He was a young black man who looked much younger than the 47 he told me was his age.  He said orthopedic surgeons had started working on him before he could remember.  He’d had a total of 34 operations, with the most recent at age 18.

To me, his gait looked amazingly normal. “I bet you want to see my feet,” he said as he ripped off his shoes and socks.  He had one eight inch well-heeled vertical scar on the posterior aspect of each of his very thin ankles, and a transverse scar of about the same length on the outside of each foot.  The left one was a bit more deformed than

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