This story found me in the headlines: Colts’ Jim Irsay discusses addiction.” I had never heard of and would not have been able to cite the name of the owner of the Baltimore Colts. I certainly am no fan of professional football.  I have reviewed recent problems in other posts. It seems to me that football — seemingly more than other sports — breaks brains, heads, bones and lives and may foster drug addiction to boot. Read more on Baltimore Colts Owner Jim Irsay – Too Rich To Need Help?…

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Cutting back on football practice during excessive heat in order to diminish death can only be a good idea.

Teen-aged high school player died from heat at football camp

DJ Searcy, age 16, died during practice drills at a football camp.

About a year ago, scientists studied the surge in heat related deaths on the football field and noted some real problems.  Problems like the tripling of the average death rate from one per football season to nearly three per football season, the need for 14 days in order to “acclimate” to heat, and the need to closely monitor obese linebackers.  The American College of Sports Medicine actually came up with concrete recommendations such as practicing without full gear, using a “cooling tub”, and taking plenty of breaks. Read more on Less Football = Less Death…

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The New Orleans Saints were busted for giving financial rewards to players who inflicted game-ending injuries on the other team.  Perhaps you can understand why I think competitive sports should be banned.

When I was very young, my father and mother took my brother and me to a Harvard football game.   My father — the original dyed-in-the-wool Harvard man — also pointed out how it was the only major stadium that was a “U” shape.  Being open on one end somehow made it special.  He told me about the values of sportsmanship and fair play, and how it was good for young men to play football.  They were “good” young men, and maybe, since many prep school girls like me dated Harvard men…well, someday.

My father was surprisingly naive about his love of Harvard and cheering.  He is the only person I have ever known personally who believed that Tom Lehrer’s parody fight song, “Fight Fiercely Harvard,” was a real Harvard song. Read more on Encouraging Brutality In Sports…

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It would have been better to just say “no.”

Last week two young men died on the football field.  One known epileptic; another from some kind of cardiac accident.  Both had presumably passed some kind of medical clearance including a physical examination, signatures from parents, whatever.

In my day, which was not over thirty years ago, I heard about those diagnosed with epilepsy not playing football.  After all, people who have an alteration of consciousness such as epilepsy are held from driving cars, as they could lose control and the car could kill others, as well as themselves. Seems to me that people who had that capacity might not be ideal candidates for a full body contact sport. How long seizure-free is long enough? What kind of seizure?  There are all kinds of possible questions.  Hats off to ABC Good Morning America where the questions were asked, how do things like this happen? Both parents and kids want the chance at sports and may be minimizing symptoms. Read more on Choose Life Over Football…

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