Okay, so nobody has done whatever kind of research they need to do to figure out why fatty diets work so well at controlling epilepsy.  But it works, and it seems safe, and it seems to be saving lives by inductive reasoning; watching and gathering data.  So let’s do it when and where we can. People have a hard time believing that food can serve as medication. Maybe they would have an easier time believing it if they believed how much fat there is in a brain. One of my earliest comedy bits, when I was just beginning to read about the brain, was trying to convince people that “fathead” was the world’s greatest compliment.

It is generally estimated that about 2/3 of the average human brain is made of fat. Read more on High Fat Diets To Treat Epilepsy…

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I’m working on a book about my weight loss (150 lbs. over the past two years), and have been going over pictures that illustrate how I looked from my peak to where I am now.

Actually, I am still losing, but stabilizing.  Keeping off is not a problem.  Most things people think are problems are not problems, if people would gather knowledge and actually think about it.  They don’t.  They listen to friends  and women’s magazines.

Obama eating

Thinnest President Since Lincoln?

Weight is a tough problem.  It is “multi-factorial.”  There are physiological things, genetic things, environmental things, and lots (I mean lots) of psychological things that are part of this.  I think of them not as tricks or tips but as factors, real factors.  I do not think people should pick and choose what seems “easy;” rather, they should focus on doing what works. Read more on Eating Myself Slim…

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