Big Business Takes Healthcare Into Their Own Hands


Never heard of this one until now. Some big companies are setting up their own drug companies.

Not a bad idea.

People in hospitals need drugs. They aren’t being made because nobody is making money by making them.

So a bunch of hospitals get together and start a non-profit company to make drugs themselves.

I know of no list of drugs, or what is real, or if people have a sneaky way to make money from a not-for-profit company, or what.

The quest for cheap generics is the part of drug manufacture that nobody is scrambling to make money from. Taken over by folks who present as doing things people need without making money. The hospitals sound ever so good and wonderful. Money is being made, that which is unavailable and needed becomes available.

Retail drug manufacturing companies make enough they don’t need to worry. Right?

These things are going on at a level I cannot understand, let alone explain to others.

I have no doubt that American government agencies are able to be “bought” in all sorts of ways.

Let’s see what really happens.

I am staying tuned.

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