Learning The Business Of Medicine


I was never much interested in the business of medicine.  At least, not like those guys who end up employing multiple assistants and owning hospital complexes.

Me, I had approximately two hours of instruction in “the business of medicine” from a loveable and rotund French country doctor with a delightful victorian-type handlebar mustache.

We needed to enter all transactions in a lined school composition type notebook.  We should be honest and decent and if we make an error, we should block it out with a single line, so it would never look as if we were trying to hide anything.

We could have another bound notebook for appointments.  And of course, we would need a fluoroscope so we wouldn’t have to send people on long and onerous drives to wherever someone actually had an X-ray machine.

Nothing else but good character and good intent and honesty about setting fees was really needed.

He did say something about it being a good idea to be friends with the local accountant or notary or something like that with whom you were probably going for recreational horseback riding on weekends anyway.

I think the accountants and money people actually were expected to know all of the cute elves who live in hollow trees and are generally doing the business associated with the practice of medicine anyway.

Of course, when I went to school in France, these elves presumably lived in the Alsatian Forest and made some kind of chocolate chip cookies on the side.

In Modern Los Angeles they probably live in the Los Angeles Forest, which I heard of on a map somewhere but it must be very small since I have actually never heard of anyone going clear through it and coming out the other side.

In my case, my husband is luckily able to serve as my business manager.  This is amazing because I do not think he speaks a single word of elvish.

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