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I taped two interviews on Rev. Meri Crouley’s program “Now Is The Time” on The Cross TV network.  This airs via satellite for those who have dish antennae and is also archived on YouTube.

You can now view my 2nd appearance from Rev. Crouley’s TV Show 12-21-17 at this link:

In case you missed the first one, here is the link to view it.

From The Cross TV 12-14-17

I met Rev. Crouley because of our mutual interest in helping victims of human trafficking.  She is currently in post-production for her feature-length documentary “Freedom Cry” shot on her recent trip to Southeast Asia.

You can read about her efforts — and even support them if you like — at this link:

You will read more about my own efforts to help victims of sexual slavery soon.  This is an issue whose time has come.


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