Drug Companies HAVE To Tell You The Bad News


Chantix is a prescription smoking-cessation aid and has a lovely official website that will give you the information about the drug that the company that makes it provides for patients. This is the package insert a doctor is supposed to read before prescribing.  You will love paragraph 6, about neuropsychiatric side effects.

I don’t give this drug to my psychiatric patients. Death, by suicide or anything else, is my unfavorite side effect. When I was really heavy, a doctor wanted to give me a stimulant, Modafinil, to help me lose weight. I told him I would rather be alive and fat than skinny and dead. When I was a young medical student, my favorite sneaky recreation was to read package inserts.

You do not have to be a medical student to read package inserts.  Phamacists give them out free.  They are reprinted in the PDR. You can find a copy in any library.  Or online, of course. Read the ones for your prescription drugs. If I prescribe something I do.  All doctors should. They are basically an elegant attempt to deflect liability from the drug company onto the doctors. Like we need more liability risk. Thank you drug companies.

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