Who You Are — and Who You Present Yourself As


My husband loves showbiz stories.  He was an avid movie fan while I was studying medicine, which meant he had a whole world to introduce to me, since my education at prep school including being somehow given the impression that cinema was a degenerate form of entertainment, compared to other arts. So my husband was piddling around on the internet when he told me some things about Wally Cox, the comic, and his friend Marlon Brando. I couldn’t imagine two people more-opposite and was surprised to learn what he told me.

Apparently, Mr. Cox had been athletic and adventurous and the exact opposite of the spindly little funny guy I remember.  He had been very close friends, since boyhood, with Marlon Brando, so close allegedly that their ashes were mixed together in death.

I have always been curious about the relationships between who people really are and who they pretend to be in this curious showbiz industry. Do we ever get over judging people by appearances and first impressions?  If we don’t dig deeper and get to know people, we miss out on massive richness.

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