Your Job Description Is Always “Customer Service”

I went to a discount pharmacy to buy myself a jug of aloe vera juice. It calms my troublesome stomach and I enjoy how it feels going down. I was leaning on a shopping cart, with my cane inside.  This is my favorite way to navigate large discount stores.

I did not know when I wandered one aisle over into the health and beauty section, where an aggressive saleslady was unhappy with me when I refused to buy her Aloe vera Gel.  I asked for the kind you drink, and was as gentle as I could manage to be while pointing out the gel said “external use only” on the bottle.

She took back her gel and the “Beauty” department saleslady dumped me unceremoniously in the medication area and yelled for help. The pharmaceutical employee covering the section was a lady in a wheelchair who was not only fast but insisted it would be easier for her to get the (heavy) jug of Aloe vera from the bottom shelf than it was for me.  We passed the time of day a little, and said “Bless you” to each other before we parted.

I am certain they each had exactly the same job description. The personality each brought to her job made the two women do their job very, very differently.

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