The Perfect Thank-You Gift


“You really made me feel better,” said the cuddly little woman.  I had put the lid on her little episode of mania very quickly, and she was happy with me.  She was stable and I was making our appointments further apart.

“You like scarves,” she said to me.  “I think I’ll knit you a scarf.”  She was not a wealthy woman she had much work, many responsibilities. “I love the thought, but you don’t have to.  I have too many and they get stuck on my sequins.  My husband always has a mess to untangle when we go somewhere.”

I told her that if she really wanted to make me happy, She could make a scarf only if it were something she really enjoyed.  And I would be especially happy if she gave it to someone who did not presently own a scarf.  She could spread the fashion, and spread the happiness. I earned a huggy kiss from my patient on that one. I would rather collect those than scarves, anyway.

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