The World Needs More Of What You’ve Got


We were sitting in a circle, like an AA meeting or something, but we were inside a recording studio talking about how to market music.  We were going around the circle, telling our names and what we had done in music. Me, I said I sang weird stuff (I do) but I was really a psychiatrist.  My main talent had been choosing to marry my husband, who discussed his serious musical accomplishments.

The man on the other side of me, who had silver spikes on the shoulders of his suit jacket, agreed with me.  We each liked the other’s glittery sequin-filled style of clothing. I explained to him that I had first started dressing like this when I was only 18, starting my very first hospital job ever.

My incredulous mother (of blessed memory) did not think such dress was appropriate for someone who worked in a hospital.  I had answered her back.  “I’m a hard worker.  You think they are going to throw me out of the hospital because I reflect light?” My new friend laughed.  He said, “I think in the hospital they need more of what you got.” I nodded in agreement.

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