Doctors Have Been Brainwashed By Pain Medicine Guidelines


It takes a high-profile celebrity death — the most recent example is Prince — to highlight problems with legally-prescribed medications such as opioids.

Pain is a horrible thing, and those who suffer any level of pain from mild to extreme are deserving of relief.  A doctor is trained to give relief and is trained to do so safely and responsibly.

But many doctors have learned, and more are being converted to the opinion, that you can’t just read the package insert or even a medical journal article.  You learn by experience and each patient is a walking laboratory that gives a doctor results to consider.  If the Government agencies (such as FDA) issue a proclamation, it is considered correct.  But an experienced doctor will look at the patients — not the official reports — and learn what method of treating a patient is best.

The online magazine Slate just published an essay by a doctor who is not afraid to give the Emperor a bad report on his wardrobe.  If the government is the Emperor and drug companies are the tailors, we all need to pay attention to those little voices that tell us the Emperor is running around naked.

I think even non-doctors can understand this article and learn from it.  I especially hope more medical professionals will put aside their pride and hubris to see that this courageous lady is giving us the truth that the official “proof” was unable to provide.

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